Care Offerings

Kugler Woods Assisted Living

Is a home to 25 elders. We are a closely-knit group who enjoy gathering for meals, exercise, crafts, discussions, music and many social events. We engage in social projects to “give back” to our community and make a difference in our world. Nurses and care coordinators are always available to help us with bathing, dressing, walking, medicines, etc. Our household team leaders help organize our time; however, the elders are very involved in decision making about our medical, nursing and social wants and needs.

Our rooms are private with a bathroom and shower. We go to the dining room for all meals; however we have a refrigerator and microwave in our room so we can have a snack at any time and are able to offer something to those who visit.

We have a pet cat (Mama) and a beautiful large courtyard with gardens and a gazebo. Several of us love gardening and assist with care of our plants. This is a perfect place for gatherings with our families in the warm weather.


Hickory Cottage Assisted Living

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other related forms of memory impairment create medical, practical and emotional challenges that affect the whole family. We realize the need for a safe and caring environment that promotes a high quality of life. The 8 elders who live in Hickory Cottage Memory Support have a secure and comfortable setting, family dining, a screened porch, a pet cat (Missy) & dog (Red), a protected outdoor area and consistent staff who understand their needs. Mealtimes are especially fun as everyone sits around a big table, reminiscing and talking about family.  The elders have large private rooms with private showers.

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Willow Way

Willow Way is another assisted living memory support household. Like Hickory Cottage we have a living room and dining room where we frequently gather and socialize with others. There are 9 private rooms with bathrooms with showers and great outdoor space. We also have great staff to make life very pleasant.