Ripple Ridge Online Art Auction

August 26, 2020  |  Events, Life at SEM Haven, Senior Living

Organized by Activities Director, Denise Carnes, Elders of Ripple Ridge created beautiful artwork using various techniques. These pieces are now available via an online Facebook Art Auction. Bids will be accepted through Monday, August 31 at 4 pm EDT.

The abstract art was done by placing masking tape over the area to create designs and shapes. The white space was then filled with paint. Once the tape is removed the design emerges.

The sink strainer technique was achieved by adding a pouring medium to acrylic paint and then pouring it through a sink strainer. One color after another is added to the strainer which runs onto the canvas. The colors brilliantly blend and swirl together creating a gorgeous final product.  Last, the group enjoyed creating with alcohol ink. This process involves a special ink and the project is done on glass. First, the glass was flooded with 91% rubbing alcohol. Next droplets of alcohol ink were placed on glass and the piece was lit on fire.  The colors blend together as the alcohol is wearing off, and you have a beautiful piece ready to be framed and displayed.

Proceeds of the Art Auction will benefit the Ripple Ridge Household's  future activities.  Enjoy a sampling of our artists' and their masterpieces!