Care Offerings


Assisted Living Elders have a great home where they maintain maximum independence yet receive the help they need with medication administration and supervision or assistance with activities of daily living. The focus is on the individual and also on providing great social events and opportunities to interact with others.

  • 25 Elders live in large private bedrooms with a shared living room, dining room and kitchen.
  • Kugler Woods Household
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  • Private rooms include personal bathroom, shower, microwave and refrigerator.
  • Nurses and care coordinators are on duty at all times to provide assistance that may include help with bathing, walking, dressing and other activities of daily living.
  • Team based care empowers staff, Elders and families to work together to make decisions about life on the household.
  • Monthly events include crafts, social activities, exercise, interaction with our household pets, gardening and bus excursions

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Great things can start from humble beginnings. 

Amy Mullins, Activity Director for Assisted Living and the residents at Kugler Woods Assisted Living started a club called “Bloom where you are loved” dedicated to making the world a better place.  No matter where a person is in life, he or she always has the ability to positively affect the surrounding world, whether it takes the form of community volunteer work, helping to preserve the environment, or simply helping take care of others who are in need.  The club, over the past couple of years, has been working on a "bee" project.

New diseases are causing the collapse of honey bee colonies worldwide, and the population is continuing to decrease. That directly affects humans, as bees help pollinate about 70 percent of the world's food supply. The club started their own backyard beehive and are currently devoted to the upkeep and proliferation of the hive. The club has raised enough money to run a second hive. Bees are just the beginning - their next goal is to help a local orphanage by making sure each child receives a gift for Christmas. Club members are blooming bright and strong, and are truly working to make a difference in the world. ​