Memory Care

Specialized Memory Care Services in Milford 

Memory care assisted living in Milford is a comforting and empowering experience at SEM Haven. We have three households dedicated specifically for those living with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. In addition, we offer two distinct levels of senior memory care, assisted living and skilled nursing.   

Assisted living is less intensive, and the residents have more independence, while skilled nursing involves more supervision from licensed nurses. The level of care provided is per each individual’s needs. We emphasize a positive physical and social environment with special activities and programs to keep our residents stimulated, engaged, and excited.    

All our memory care homes feature spacious and comfortable living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and outdoor patios with gazebos. Continuity of care is also a focus, and we have the same staff caring for our elders regularly, with staff present 24 hours a day in each household, along with a dedicated licensed nurse assigned to assisted living.

About Our Memory Care Households 


Our households are small and dedicated, and we serve just 8 or 9 elders at each. This allows for highly personalized care in a quiet and comfortable setting. All care is monitored and secure to allow for safety while our residents explore and enjoy their lives.

Here is some quick information on our memory care facilities.

  • The households each have spacious and comfortable living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and outdoor patios with gazebos.
  • Households include Hickory Cottage and Willow Way.
  • Our staff is present 24 hours a day in each household along with a licensed nurse dedicated to assisted living. 

Continuity of care is achieved by having the same staff caring for Elders regularly.

Who is Right for Our Memory Care Assisted Living? 

If you are interested in SEM Haven for your senior’s memory care needs, then you will need to determine the level of care they need. Here are the requirements for our memory care assisted living homes.  

1. The resident has a diagnosis of dementia or related disorder.  

2. Resident is able to participate in and benefit from the Special Care program.  

3. Resident is able to perform some Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) with or without staff assistance.  

4. Resident is able to communicate (verbally or non-verbally) needs and able to understand simple directions.  

5. Resident does not have a mental illness and/or behavioral disorder that would disrupt and/or endanger the health, safety, and/or emotional or physical well-being of self or other individuals. 

Download SEM Haven's Residency Application.

Who is Right for Our Memory Care Skilled Nursing?

Under the direction of a Clinical RN Nurse Leader, a separate household, Canfield Court, supports Elders with later-stage dementia who require extensive nursing care. Your resident is right for memory care skilled nursing if they meet the five requirements above and have declined to end-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia.  

Individual needs are considered during review by the Utilization Review committee to ensure that they receive maximum care and comfort. If the resident is found to have entered end-stage Alzheimer's or dementia, then they will be relocated to our memory care skilled nursing home, Canfield Court.  


Our Memory Care Support Group 

SEM Haven is proud to be a member of the Alzheimer’s Association. We believe that Alzheimer’s and dementia are two of the most difficult challenges facing our senior citizens today. For that reason, we are proud to facilitate a memory support group on our campus. 

Our team works closely and collaboratively with the Alzheimer's Association to make this group possible, and it is our goal to see more personalized care as a result. Our support group is open to the public and SEM Haven serves as a facilitator to this group, meaning our memory care support group is not an individual care offering of ours.