Parkinson's Care

Parkinsons Care

Parkinson’s Care Support at SEM Haven 

Our residents with Parkinson’s may need more support than the average resident, and because of that, our staff is always on hand to create a gentle and nurturing environment with the support they need to thrive.   

As of September 2022, SEM Haven HealthCare & Assisted Living received a certification for Parkinson’s care. This means that all SEM Haven caregivers are educated and trained on how to provide the best care for those residents living with Parkinson's and other neurological disorders. In addition, SEM Haven’s therapy department received individual certifications to treat Parkinson's and other neurological disorders using the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) program.   

The LSVT program is an inpatient or outpatient program, completed one hour per day, four days per week, for four weeks, including all three therapies (speech, physical, and occupational) to better manage PD symptoms.

Learn more about the LSVT programs below: