Care Offerings


Nursing Care

Our household model of care is a wonderful way of life for our elders who, together with family members and staff, work as a team to make decisions about care and life. Each household has an RN clinical nurse leader and a team leader who work together to organize the many details that go into running a household. They are responsible for communication among elders, staff and family members to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. We strive to provide care according to the elder’s schedule, not the other way around. The households are named for important persons or places in the city of Milford: McCormick Landing is home to 18 elders; Ripple Ridge is home to 20 elders; and Gatch Grove is home to 24 elders.

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Nursing Home Alzheimer's/Memory Support

Canfield Court is home to 19 elders. Life in this household is built around the needs of those who live here. Our beautiful dining room is filled with natural light and looks out onto our patio and outdoor garden area. We have special security features built into our design to maximize the safety of our elders. Staff training on the care of this population is ongoing. We believe in keeping elders active and involved in the outside world.

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